Hannah is one the most passionate people you will meet, about her work. Her approach is comprehensive, yet very integrated. Her mission is to reach as many people as possible, and be able to help each of them meet their health and wellness goals. She truly believes the physical body does not stand alone when it comes to our health, which is the foundation for her mind/body/spirit approach at HMFT. As a colon hydrotherapist, her passion is in rebuilding the internal systems and digestive system to create a foundation for health. Nutrition is her passion, as well as putting smiles on every face. Personal training and massage therapy allow her to also transform the external body. 

On a personal level, Hannah is proud to come from a large family and to have grown up on a small organic farm. Besides work, her other passion is traveling. As an avid athlete, Everest basecamp, trekking expeditions, and retreats are how she vacations. From training at the gym, to rock climbing, yoga, and meditation, Hannah cannot get enough of any of it! HMFT was built off of Hannah’s sense of adventure, love for people, social nature, and desire to create a fitness environment that would touch people’s hearts as well as bodies. It’s a high energy, fun, supportive, and social environment that challenges people to be the best version of themselves! Hence, the motto “Dare to be Great”. 

  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Exercise Physiologist with Psychology and Nutrition Specialization
  • I-ACT Level II Colon Hydrotherapist
  • Licensed Massage Therapist MA, NH, ME
  • Touch for Health Certified
  • Meridian Autonomic Testing Certified
  • Group Fitness Certified
  • Certified Level II Reiki Practitioner

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